Need new countertops?

Spring is here! This means spring cleaning is probably at the top of your to-do list. Getting rid of the old and possibly bringing in the new.?

We are here to help. Vogel's Carpet & Flooring has everything from carpet, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, sheet vinyl, marmoleum, hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate. You may not know this, Vogel's also offers quartz and granite countertops as well! Maybe your flooring and countertops?in the kitchen are a little outdated? Now is the time to make the change! Here at Vogel's Carpet & Flooring we can help you choose the best brands, styles, and products to create a completely new and fresh design in your home.?

If you aren't sure how the process works do not let that deter you, we are always willing to help answer any questions you have to get a project started. Not sure what colors or styles you want? That's okay too! You are always welcome to take our samples home to view them in your own space. This helps many customers to better visualize the end result.?

Our spring savings will only last a few more weeks, don't miss out!