Ceramic tile flooring maintenance tips

Ceramic tile flooring maintenance tips

Tile flooring is sophisticated, stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. Tiles, when cared for properly, last for decades.

Here are some tips to keep yours looking great for a long time.

Tip #1: Sweep or vacuum several times a week

The broom should have soft bristles. If your vacuum has beater bars (those rotating, agitating brushes), remove them, as they can chip and scratch the tile. This is important because sand and grit are sharp and can scratch and dull the floors.

Tip #2: Mop periodically

Mop every week or two and follow simple rules to keep your tile in Seattle, WA, looking great. First, make sure the mop is damp, not dripping.??

Buff dry with a clean towel, as it brings out the shine. This kind of drying, instead of just letting it air dry, also discourages the growth of mold and mildew.

Avoid abrasive tools, like steel wool or caustic cleaning powders. They only make the surface prone to pitting and staining. Likewise, don't use ammonia or bleach-based products as they discolor the grout. Oil or wax-based products leave a residue?and may even attract more dirt!

Tip #3: Don?t skip the sealing!?

Talk to the experts at the tile store for their advice on sealing during installation. Sealing can enhance the wear-and-stain resistance of a tile installation.?

Tip #4: Wipe spills as soon as possible

Tile flooring is porous, so it stains easily. That's increased even more with grout!??

Don't let spilled coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, or anything else sit for any length of time?or your tile floors will always look dirty.

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