Laminate flooring is a great choice

With so many floor coverings to choose from on the market today, why take time to consider laminate? This is a question that isn’t unheard of in the flooring community, but it’s one that we can certainly answer. Quite simply, there are more benefits to this material now than ever before, and it’s likely you’ll find exactly what you need in this product. knows that your flooring is a centerpiece in your home, and is used every single day, without fail. It makes no sense to install a subpar product that won’t meet all your needs, as well as being a pleasure to look at every day. Our showrooms are located in Seattle, WA and Kent, WA, and we service the entire greater Seattle area, with a showroom on Aurora Ave in North Seattle and Kent, WA. We would love for you to stop by either store and see our flooring for yourself, as well as take the time to speak with a flooring professional. We can help you select the perfect flooring, and walk you through the entire procedure.

Why laminate?

Many homeowners choose laminate flooring simply because it is an affordable option to solid hardwood flooring, while still mimicking that natural resource very well. It looks and feels just like real solid wood, but you won’t have to maintain it in the same way. In fact, a broom and a mop should keep these floors looking showroom perfect for years to come. Installing laminate is a quick and easy process, because the boards simply click and lock together. In fact, because this hard surface flooring is often much thicker than others, it can often even outlast a flooring that might be a little uneven to start with. It can be installed over a variety of subfloors, with minimal effort in prep work. Laminate can often make a clicking noise when walked on, and some homeowners don’t care for this effect. If this would be an issue in your home, simply speak to your flooring professional about an underlayment that can prevent this from happening. This will not only take care of the noise, but can also add to the warmth of this flooring underfoot. Some laminate now comes in the waterproof variety as well. This means that the bathroom, laundry room and other rooms that are prone to moisture or spills, are not off limits. In fact, this could be a level of security you owe it to yourself to have in place. Because life happens.

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