Marmoleum cleaning


Taking care of your marmoleum

Read some of our cleaning and maintenance tips below to learn how to keep your Marmoleum floor pristine and beautiful for years to come.

Initial clean before use:

  • Newly installed floors should not be wet cleaned within 3 days of installation.
  • Remove all debris, dirt and dust off the floor and clean the floor.



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Marmoleum cleaning in Seattle, WA from Vogel's Carpet & Flooring

Regular cleaning:

The frequency of regular cleaning method will depend on the amount of traffic, soiling levels, desired appearance, and hygiene standards.

  • Remove dust and loose dirt by vacuum cleaning, sweeping, or mopping.
  • Remove spots, stains and spillages with a damp mop and a neutral floor cleaner.
  • Use recommended cleaning products. High quality cleaning products and equipment ensure efficient maintenance and represent only a small proportion of maintenance costs.

Use of floor care chemicals

The improper use of high pH maintenance products may damage resilient flooring. Frequent treatment or inadequate rinsing may cause cracking, shrinking, and/or discoloration. Marmoleum flooring should never be cleaned with high pH chemicals because permanent damage may occur. Abrasive powders or cleansers should not be used.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.