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How to refinish my hardwood floors?

You might note that homes with refinished floors look just as awe-inspiring as those that have only recently had the hardwood flooring installed. That?s because the refinishing process brings new life to floors, even after several decades of wear.

Hardwood refinishing
isn?t just a coverup for signs of wear like scratches and scuffs. It does away with them, giving new life to your floors. You can even add a different stain color and finish type each time your floors are refinished.

Hardwood refinishing information

Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished. The solid variety can undergo several refinishings over its lifespan, while the number of times engineered flooring can be refinished depends on the thickness of the wood veneer.

Our refinishing team will begin by removing any molding around the edges of the floor and then rough sand the hardwood, moving into the edges and corners next. Smooth sanding is the next step, leveling off smaller bits of unevenness for the smooth, polished appearance you?re looking for in your new finish.

Moving on, we will make sure all dust is removed, which is the last process before applying the new stain. At this time, you can either choose to keep your old stain color or move on to something a little different. Some homeowners prefer the change to match new d?cor or to match a recent trend change.

The last step in this procedure is to add the finish of your choice. Water-based polyurethane is one of the most popular, but you could also choose an oil-based polyurethane, lacquer, or wood oil, depending on the species of wood and your overall goal.

For even more in-depth information, be sure to visit us when you?re in the area.

Let us lend a hand in your hardwood refinishing

If you need information on hardwood refinishing in Seattle, WA, we?re proud to let you know that we service the entire greater Seattle area, with a showroom on Aurora Ave in North Seattle. When you visit Vogel?s Carpets, you?ll find that our associates are always prepared to help our customers with all their hardwood refinishing needs. If you need assistance with your flooring project, be sure to visit us at your convenience.