Hardwood flooring from Vogel's Carpets in Seattle, WA

Can I refinish engineered hardwood floors?

Yes, and with any hardwood floor, including solid, the number of times it can be done depends upon thickness.? Engineered hardwood flooring ranges from ?-inch thick to ? inch. Thicker is better, and it can be refinished up to four or five times.

A hardwood refinishing service can bring any wood floor, unless there?s structural damage such as warping and termites, back to its original luster, minimizing the need for total replacement.

Sanding and refinishing aren't just for repair and restoration; if you're changing your decor, you might just want a change of color. Dark floors can become blond and vice versa.

Vogel?s Carpets has been in operation since 1988 and our in-house, highly skilled wood crews have years of experience. If you?re looking for a refinishing service in Seattle, WA, look no further than us. We'll start by sanding them and, if you want, we'll apply a custom stain and then finish it all off with two or three coats of a Swedish oil or water-based finish. They'll look brand new!

Fast action can avoid replacement

Do your floors look gray or do you see dark spots? That means there are water and moisture; when the water oxidizes, the floors start to look gray. Dark spots, if left untreated, will eventually turn black. When that happens, there's no choice but to replace it.

If you see any of this, call for refinishing immediately while the problem is still somewhat small. While engineered hardwood is constructed in such a way as to handle water better, like anything, it still should not be submerged in water.

Therefore, wipe spills immediately and strategically place mats near entryways and in front of sinks. When you polish, wipe so it's completely dry and no liquid can get between the boards.? Also, avoid wearing stilettos on the floor, keep pet nails trimmed, and use protective pads on furniture if you plan to move it to reduce scratches and scuffs.

What are engineered wood floors?

The only difference is construction. Engineered is layered with a genuine slab on top, giving it gorgeous undertones, swirls and knots. Underneath are three or more layers of authentic wood mixed with a little resin and then placed in crosswise positions. It's more stable and unaffected by humidity.

For more information about hardwood refinishing, visit the Vogel?s Carpets showroom in North Seattle, WA where we service the greater Seattle area.? Don?t forget to ask about our estimates.