Does herringbone installation work for tile flooring?

Does herringbone installation work for tile flooring?

Yes, tile flooring can be cut into planks of any size, so you can get the same look as you would with hardwood floorboards. You'll also see herringbone patterns in our tile store if you prefer.

About wood-look tile

This is trending hot. It looks and feels so much like the real thing; even I was confused for a few minutes, thinking it was genuine hardwood.

Because of technology like Inkjet, intricate patterns, color variations, and textures are available. You'll see the knots and feel the raised grains?all of the characteristics of a Mother Nature creation.

Herringbone first appeared in the 1970s as the first hardwood parquet pattern. It was quiet for a while, but now it's come back a big way.

You're limited to wood, though. This tile flooring can come in any color. The hues range from classic white on white to dark blue, charcoal, black and white, and more.

Get creative with different shapes and forms

We're familiar with the 4 X 4 square, but these can come in any size. Also, consider rectangles, hexagons, diamonds, and round shapes.

Benefits of tile flooring

The question shouldn't be "why tile" but "why not tile." It's stylish and sophisticated and comes in almost unlimited patterns, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes.

You?ll be amazed when you come into our showroom when shopping for tile in Seattle, WA.

Tile flooring is also durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. It's also one of the best floorings for those with allergies and asthma because it's chemical and toxin-free.

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