Here?s what to look forward to with wool carpet

Here?s what to look forward to with wool carpet

If you want a floor covering synonymous with the word "luxury," look no further than wool carpet. It's soft and comes with many functional and environmental credentials.

Natural soil repellency

You may be concerned about dirt, especially since you have kids and pets. If that's the case, wool carpet will give you peace of mind.?
Wool has natural oils with tiny scales that flick off the dirt. Those scales make it so durable that it's considered one of the best rugs for heavily trafficked areas.

Wool is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and sustainable

It?s natural with no chemicals, toxins, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). You won't breathe in dust mites or bacteria, either.??
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Once shorn, the sheep return to pasture to continue grazing on grass. It also won't leave harmful residues in landfills?just potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
By the way, wool is also flame-resistant and energy efficient. It only requires natural resources like water and grass to produce.
It also prevents heat loss and acts as a humidifier by absorbing moisture through its fibers.

Style and appearance

The most significant determinant of a rug's appearance and performance is fiber. And no one can doubt the allure or strength of the wool fiber.?
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