Waterproof luxury vinyl in Seattle, WA from Vogel's Carpets & Flooring

How to handle water damage

Water damage is one of the biggest concerns people have, especially when it?s carpet or hardwood flooring. When people contact us about this, the first thing we say is "Don't panic," which is quickly followed up with, "but the rapid response is a must; otherwise, mold and mildew can start growing, and hardwood can warp, cup and crown." Of course, you can eliminate that worry by installing 100% waterproof floorings.

Repairing carpet and hardwood

In all cases, remove wet items, like towels and upholstered furniture, and keep in mind that moisture can also be trapped underneath in padding, subfloor, or under boards. Open windows and use high powered fans to create airflow. With carpet, replace the padding, steam clean to be sure all the toxins are removed, and scrub other surfaces, such as baseboards and moldings.

Hardwood fibers are cellulose, making them even more prone to absorption, even with the toughest finish. Here, you want to use a shop vacuum on ?wet mode.? This high-powered tool removes dirt and chunks of debris; it is specifically designed for woodworking and construction; if you see any signs of cupping or crowning, call in a professional as you might need sanding.

Increasing peace of mind

Have it all with true-to-life wood look echoes that combine high-end style with 100% water repellency, such as luxury vinyl or vinyl plank. Both are cut into boards to mimic hardwood planks and follow all industry trends, including gray and high gloss wood floors.

Waterproof flooring
, sometimes referred to as WPC (wood plastic composite) floors, adds an even higher protection level. Engineered luxury vinyl with a WPC core won?t peel or ripple no matter how much water there is or for how long. You can go away for weeks or months, return home to find a flood, and still see no damage.

Flooring is a significant investment, but our goal is to make it as stress-free as possible. With over 30 years' experience, we have a proven track record for offering high-quality products and services. To learn more about water damage and how to reduce or eliminate it, visit our showroom on Aurora Ave. in North Seattle. We work with homeowners, designers, business owners, and general contractors in the greater Seattle area and offer free quotes.