How to remove stains from wool carpet

How to remove stains from wool carpet

Wool carpeting is soft and luxurious, adding an exquisite design element to your home. See our inventory when shopping for wool carpet in Seattle, WA.

Wool rugs are also durable, long-lasting, soil-repellent, and fire-retardant?but even the most careful person will get a stain now and then.?

Here are some tips for removing them from wool carpet.

Avoid those ?good-for-all-floors? cleaners

All fibers are different. Wool needs gentle, non-alkaline cleaners, and be sure any commercial ones are wool-specific.

You can also make your own. A good formula is ? cup of white vinegar to two cups of warm water with a little sprinkle of baking soda; it combines with the white wine vinegar to bubble and lifts stains.

Some additional tips

  1. Vacuum this carpet installation with care. Removing dust, dirt, and other particles is necessary, but adjust the settings so the bristles are soft.

Since this carpeting is so long-lasting, it's common to see vintage or antique rugs. If so, you should only vacuum once every two weeks.
  1. Blot, don't wipe or scrub. Instead, use a clean white cloth (preferably microfiber).
  2. Never use alkaline cleaners. Also, don't use anything more substantial than white vinegar.??
  3. Know that soil repellent doesn't mean non-absorbent. Soil repellency means the carpet doesn't attract dirt; you may not have to vacuum as often as you would others.
A wool carpet is soil-repellent but also absorbent. It has natural oils with tiny scales that flick off dirt, but a stain will set unless a spill is bloated immediately.

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