Hardwood flooring from Vogel's Carpets in Seattle, WA

How to restore old hardwood flooring

With periodic maintenance, hardwood flooring can look brand new throughout its long lifespan. Both prefinished and unfinished solid hardwood can be refinished several times. Engineered hardwood, which is composed of a slice of hardwood on top of a plywood base, can be refinished once or twice. Locally owned Vogel's Carpets can rejuvenate your wood floors. We provide a hardwood refinishing service to residents of Seattle, Washington. We have been offering high-quality flooring products and related services since 1988.


It?s not always necessary to remove all of the finishing treatments that have been applied to a floor. Sometimes a buff and recoat will do. When a floor is buffed, the top layer of finish is taken off. This option can be used to remove scuffs and minor surface-level damage or to change the sheen level. A buff and recoat are all that is needed to make a dull or worn finish look new again. In short, it's best to use a buffing machine to repair damage or deficiencies in the sealant layers that protect the floor.


If the damage goes beneath the current finish, the floor needs to be sanded and refinished. An orbital floor sander is used on floors that need a light to medium sanding while a drum sander is used on the most damaged floors. Sanding removes water damage and repairs warping as well as shallow scratches. If there are a few deeper scratches, individual boards can be replaced. Uneven floorboards can also be repaired with this option. Lastly, the floor can be sanded down simply because a change of color is desired.

While hardwood refinishing can restore worn floors, it can't remove pet stains or deep dents and scratches across the entire floor. If the damage is extensive, Vogel's Carpets can replace the floor. We offer a refinishing service in Seattle, WA, with a showroom on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. We can handle the job, whether your floors need to be buffed, sanded, or replaced. You can use our online form to request an in-home estimate for your wood floor upgrade. Or give us a call or visit our showroom to speak to a flooring specialist.