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Is there life still left in my floor? Hardwood refinishing

So, when is a hardwood floor worth saving and when is it easier to just put in a new wood floor? These are two related questions that we get a lot, so let's explore your options.
Hardwood construction

Wood flooring
is assembled through a series of tongues and grooves. This method holds the boards tightly together and provides a place for nails to be driven, making the floor a permanent fixture in your home. So long as the tongue is firmly seated in the groove of the adjacent board, then your floor is sound and will not come apart.
Sanding and refinishing

Hardwood refinishing
is the process of sanding a thin layer of wood off the top of your floor. This process will remove the old finish and stain and any nicks, dings, and scratches that might have accumulated over the years. Even if there were small nail holes from having a carpet installed over the wood at one time, these would be addressed in the process. Then a new stain and finish are placed on top of the wood floor.
Commonly, hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished between 5 and 10 times, depending on the wood's original thickness and how far down the tongue is located in the wood piece. Essentially, you can keep sanding and refinishing a floor until the tongue begins to get exposed. Given that sanding and refinishing are not something people do very often, a good quality wood floor should last for several lifetimes. Additionally, given the quality of modern finishes, it should be a long time before another sand and refinish need to occur.
Your floor?s character

No two wood floors are exactly alike. Variations in grains, knot patterns, stains, and textures all give a certain degree of personality to your floor. We would also suggest that wear patterns and even some scratches or dings can have a way of adding to the character of your floor. While hardwood flooring can look pristine, it does not have to. Sometimes a floor that shows some wear can be more attractive than a new floor ?right out of the box.??
At Vogel?s Carpets and Flooring, we offer the finest hardwood refinishing service in Seattle, WA. If you have any questions about the viability of refinishing your existing floor, give us a call and schedule a time when one of our knowledgeable sales associates can come for a visit. They will inspect your floors and counsel you as to your options. We service the entire greater Seattle area from our showroom on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. Give us a call; we love old hardwood floors and can restore them to things of beauty.