Should my hardwood flooring match my cabinets?

Should my hardwood flooring match my cabinets?

Mix, rather than match, the color of wood floors and kitchen cabinets to get the best look and the most satisfaction from your kitchen decor.

Vogel's Carpets in Seattle, WA, offers a trendy selection of solid and engineered wood flooring made by companies like Appalachian Hardwood and Cali Bamboo. We've satisfied customers' flooring needs for over 30 years.

White cabinets

Light-colored hardwood and white cabinets, a homeowner's favorite, blend seamlessly, while a dark floor provides a distinct contrast that turns the kitchen floor into a focal point.

Gray is a popular floor color at this time, especially for kitchens with white cabinetry. A white floor, perhaps created with whitewashed planks, is an option that displays a striking minimalist look.

Mixing colors

Keep in mind that if you choose wood flooring and cabinets with the same finish and color, the room will look smaller and less visually appealing.

To find a color combination that works well, choose two colors with the same hue, pure color, and tone, or the hue plus gray. Colors can be warm, yellow, orange, red, or cool, green, purple, and blue.

Consider more than color

Color is used to do more than create a harmonious and cohesive look. For example, light-colored flooring and cabinets are combined to make the room seem brighter and, thus, a bit more spacious.

Likewise, larger-grained hardwood flooring and smaller-grained cabinets balance each other out, while one decorating style, traditional or modern, is most appealing.

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