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Synthetic vs. natural fibers? Should that influence my custom stair runner?

A custom rug or stair runner can make a world of difference in your household, especially if you are trying to create a specific look or function. In today's post, we will talk more about synthetic and natural fibers and whether they have a bearing on your rugs and runners.

A stair runner can be made of any fiber you like

The most important difference between synthetic and natural fibers is, of course, the fact that one is all-natural and one is not. Wool, for example, is a natural material that looks great, withstands stains and wear but must be kept in areas of mid to low traffic.

Synthetic fibers are those that are created and manufactured, most often including outstanding features, characteristics, and benefits you?ll greatly appreciate. Be sure to consider brand names such as Stanton, Couristan, and Godfrey, for superb quality and many benefits.

Synthetics are usually better for the perfect custom stair runner or rug, especially for high-traffic homes. However, be sure to speak with your flooring professional to determine which natural materials will meet your specific requirements. We will make sure to find the fibers that cater to your home, so be sure to stop by today.

We can create your perfect custom rug

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