Custom Stair Runners in Seattle, WA from Vogel's Carpets & Flooring

Types of carpet fiber for custom stair runners

A stair runner does more than add an elegant touch to home decor. It protects hard surface flooring and muffles noise on the stairs. It also provides comfort underfoot and cushioning in case of trips or falls. Since stairs are so well used, a durable fiber that tolerates heavy foot traffic is necessary. Vogel's Carpets & Flooring in Seattle, Washington, can craft a custom stair runner for your home that is uniquely designed to cover the stairs perfectly.


Nylon has been recognized as the most durable carpet fiber for decades. Nylon carpeting bounces back after compression, whether from foot traffic or heavy objects. Since this floor covering resists matting and crushing, it retains its original look for many years after being installed. As a result, it's an ideal fiber for stairs and family rooms, and bedrooms. While nylon must be treated in the factory for stain resistance, Triexta naturally repels stains.


Triexta was introduced to consumers in 2009. It is soft and long-lasting as well as stain-resistant. A triexta carpet does not absorb water, resisting mold and mildew. And because of its makeup, the carpeting is easy to clean. Cover your basement stairs with a Triexta stair runner, and it will look brand new for years with proper maintenance. In general, Triexta carpeting costs less than nylon carpeting, and environmentally-friendly brands are available.

Vogel's Carpets & Flooring installs casual-looking 'waterfall' and more tailored 'Hollywood' style custom runners. The former flows down the stair treads while the latter wraps tightly around each stair. In addition to stair runners, we offer custom area rugs that can be laid over hard surface flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting. We service the entire greater Seattle area, with a showroom on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. Please stop by, and our flooring specialists will give you more details about our custom stair runner service.