Unveiling the variety in hardwood flooring

Unveiling the variety in hardwood flooring

Nothing beats the charm of hardwood floors when it comes to enhancing the visual appeal and comfort of your home. Yet, with various options available, it might be challenging to pinpoint the right choice for your home. In this guide, we help you navigate through the different types of hardwood flooring available, making the selection process seamless and informed.

Species of hardwood

  • Oak: Among the most popular choices, oak stands out for its durability and rich grain patterns. Its resistance to wear makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in the home.
  • Maple: Maple offers a finer grain pattern and a more consistent color than oak. It's well-suited for contemporary interiors due to its lighter, more uniform appearance.
  • Hickory: If you are looking for a hardwood floor with a distinct and bold grain pattern, hickory might be your best bet. Its hardy nature makes it suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Hardwood flooring styles

  • Plank flooring: Plank flooring offers a rustic and traditional aesthetic, with wider boards that showcase the natural grain of the wood more prominently.
  • Parquet flooring: Parquet flooring, with its geometric patterns and designs, can add a sophisticated and artistic touch to your rooms.
  • Handscraped flooring: For a truly rustic and antique look, handscraped flooring offers uneven textures that mimic the look of floors crafted in bygone eras.

Finishes to consider

  • Glossy finish: A glossy finish imparts a shiny, sleek look, amplifying light and space within a room. It, however, might show scratches more easily.
  • Matte finish: A matte finish, on the other hand, offers a modern, understated look, which does an excellent job of hiding scratches and dents.
  • The essence of sustainability: When choosing your hardwood flooring, also consider the sustainability factor. Opt for hardwood floors sourced from responsibly managed forests to ensure an eco-friendly choice.

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Understanding the different types of hardwood flooring is the first step in choosing a floor that aligns with your home?s aesthetic and functional needs. From the species of wood to the style and finish, each element plays a vital role in determining your floors' final look and feel. Contact Vogel's Carpets to explore a wide range of wood flooring options tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. We service the greater Seattle, WA, area, with a showroom on Aurora Ave in North Seattle.?