Pet-friendly carpets in Seattle, WA from Vogel's Carpets

What brands have pet-friendly carpets?

Choosing the best carpet can feel like a daunting experience when having pets. You worry about stains, odors, and dinginess, but it's simpler once you learn more.

Some brands now offer product choices that are perfect for homes with pets. And once you find out which ones, you can make an excellent choice for your home.

What makes a carpet suitable for pets?

The best option for flooring with pets in the home is the durability that's built into the fiber itself. The protection never wears off, so you're always protected.?

Spills, pet stains, and accidents never have the opportunity to soak into the carpet flooring fiber. So, when you clean, the process erases all liquid, dirt, and debris.

Brands show concern for your flooring results

Over the years, flooring brands have tailored the experience for better results. And here are a few that offer protection specific to in-house pets.

  • Mohawk carpets offer several options with built-in protection and warranties. Be sure to ask about options specific to your need.
  • Couristan offers rugs that are perfect for pets. And they provide other options for durability as well.
  • Shaw carpet offers outstanding patented and proven stain resistance. But they also provide colors that hide dander and debris for better-looking floors longer.

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